Inflation causing local grocery stores to raise prices

NOW: Inflation causing local grocery stores to raise prices


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Inflation caused by the Russia-Ukraine War is impacting gas stations and grocery stores everywhere, but local markets and stores are especially feeling the effects of the rising prices for goods. Local store owners and their customers are beginning to worry that the prices won't go back down for a while, since there is no end to the inflation in sight. Both are having to make adjustments; owners are rising prices, and shoppers are looking harder for discounts.

“I always tell our customers we do the best we can when it comes to prices. Unfortunately it’s one of those situations, we don’t have a choice but to raise our prices," says Kevin Koak, owner of Saigon Market.

Local grocery store owners are beginning to deal with the effects of the recent inflation their shelves. With wholesalers rising prices for goods, owners are left with no choice but to raise their prices as well.

“The attitude right now with the wholesaler also, is that the price, it is what it is. They always tell me 'do you want it, or don’t want it? If you don’t want it, someone else will buy it,'" says Koak. “We can’t win. I don’t have a choice right now to buy what they’re selling, and what they’re selling, their prices are higher than what it was a year ago.”

Shoppers say they are hoping that grocery stores will see the concern from their customers and provide more discounted items. In the meantime, they may have to adjust their shopping habits in order to save money.

“It is concerning, but at the same time, I think retailers are aware that consumers are worried," says Dave Griffith, a local shopper. "So there’s still deals to be had, and coupons to be had, and so I just kind of shop around."

Customers and store owners alike both hope that in this time of inflation, people can be understanding and remember those people who ay be struggling a bit more to buy the necessities.

“I just hope customers understand," Koak says. "Just bear with us, and like I said I hope we go back down, and we’d be more than happy to drop our prices as soon as they drop their prices.”

“I’m more concerned about the really vulnerable people in our community," says Griffith. "People that are on fixed incomes, people that are on SNAP, that kind of thing. I think those are the people that we really have to be looking out for.”

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