Indiana's 3rd Congressional District primary

NOW: Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District primary

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. -- Voters in Indiana's 3rd Congressional District are choosing a new representative this year for the first time since 2016.

This district covers the eastern half of Kosciusko County and all of LaGrange County.

Eight Republicans and two Democrats are vying for a spot on the November ballot, with current Representative Jim Banks leaving his seat to run for U.S. Senate.

Marlin Stutzman is a former U.S. Congressman from Howe. Stutzman feels that inflation is one of the greatest threats to America and says he wants to defend the border and strengthen national security.

Eric Whalen describes himself as a blue-collar worker. Whalen wants to promote traditional American values, local self-determination, and limited constitutional government.

Andy Zay is the current State Senator for District 17. Zay wants to protect farmers, is 100 percent pro-life and says if in congress, he will never vote to raise taxes.

Two Democrats are running for their party's nomination.

Phil Goss is a teacher and says he will support a woman's right to choose her own healthcare. Goss supports healthcare for all, free public education, and immigration reform that reopens the path to citizenship for anyone who desires it.

Kiley Adolph has a career in education and wants to build a stronger more equitable economy, focusing on access to and affordability of childcare, healthcare, and elder care, and restoring women's rights to reproductive healthcare.

The Democratic Party Chair for Indiana's 3rd Congressional District says they try to put up candidates that are widely appealing.

“They got good policies, and they can speak to the single mom that is struggling to put food on the table” said Christine Bohm, Indiana's 3rd Congressional District Democratic Party Chair.

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