Indiana Pacers' mascot helps students prepare for ILEARN exams

NOW: Indiana Pacers’ mascot helps students prepare for ILEARN exams

BREMEN, Ind. - Bremen students got ready for the latest round of ILEARN testing with the help of Pacers' mascot, Boomer.

The official testing window this year is April 15 through May 17 for 3rd through 8th graders.

Bremen school officials say teachers have been preparing all year with multiple practice exams to try to boost scores from last year.

Wednesday, they held an assembly, gathering faculty and students, in hopes they can gather their confidence and relieve stress before they before they take their exams following spring break.

Boomer shared his advice with the crowd.

“I don’t know if kids are always excited about sitting around and taking a bunch of standardized tests, so, we are hoping this will build some excitement and as we get ready for those tests and just puts them in a good mood and a positive place,” said Principal Larry Yelaska.

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