Indiana lawmaker calls for ballot initiatives

NOW: Indiana lawmaker calls for ballot initiatives

Indiana Rep. Blake Johnson (D-100) spoke out on cannabis reform in the state of Indiana and what it'll take to get there: instilling citizen-led ballot initiatives. 

A recent poll from Ball State University shows 85 percent of participants in their 2022 Hoosier Survey believe marijuana should be legal in some form. Rep. Johnson argues the survey shows state lawmakers are ignoring the voices of voters. 

Rep. Johnson believes the lack cannabis reform is not a reflection of Gov. Eric Holcomb's leadership, but rather a fault in "legislative leadership" who won't bring this issue to a vote.

Neighboring states Michigan and Ohio both legalized cannabis through citizen-led ballots initiatives, an act Indiana does not allow. 

Rep. Johnson wants to see voters to be more vocal, to make demands on what they want. 

"We should have an opportunity for citizens to bring an issue forward to put it on the ballot and vote and make our legislators act, then reach out to your legislator and let them know you feel that way that there's no longer an excuse," he said. 

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