Indian State Police remind public to stay safe this St. Patrick's Day weekend

NOW: Indian State Police remind public to stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day weekend

While you're out celebrating all things Irish this weekend, Indiana State Police want to remind everyone to do so safely.

More alcohol is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day than any other holiday.

That's why police say they will be out in full force making sure everyone behind the wheel is driving sober.

Even if you're not going to be drinking, police recommend being extra vigilant on the roads this weekend.

"We don't want to see crashes. We don't want to see those tragic things happen. But if you're going to be out and about make sure to wear that seatbelt, that's one thing you can do. That greatly increases your chances of not being hurt seriously if you are involved," said Indiana State Police Sargeant, Ted Bohner.

This weekend make sure you have a designated driver for your group or use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft.

If you're celebrating in Fort Wayne or Indianapolis, you can even get a discount on a ride home with the program "Sober Ride Indiana". You can get a $10 dollar ride credit here.

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