Hundreds ride along in Rose Ride to honor local fallen hero

NOW: Hundreds ride along in Rose Ride to honor local fallen hero

STARKE COUNTY, Ind. -- Bikers in Starke County pay their respects by riding by and dropping a rose, one by one. 

“We’re able to give a gesture while still giving them their space, still giving them their privacy, and move it on,” says Ron Brehmer, Organizer of the Rose Ride. 

Over one hundred in the Starke County biker community staged a Rose Ride for the family, friends, and co-workers of Michael Wilcox, the Starke County EMS paramedic who was killed in a tragic car crash on August 5th. 

Ron Brehmer says not only does the gesture extend to the family and friends of Wilcox, but to all first responders dealing with the loss, like his son, who responded to the accident that killed Wilcox. 

“He’s one of the first responders that I’m trying to help through this, along with the family,” Brehmer says. 

In times of grief and sadness, especially for this small community, the least they can do is support those that are always there to support us. 

“This is where the community has a chance to come out and respond for our first responders to be there for their time of need when they need it,” says Brehmer. 

Each biker made a donation at the start of the ride, and those contributions were given to Wilcox's family at the end of the ride, to help them grieve through this loss.   

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