Hit and run totals a truck

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- An Elkhart resident reported their family’s parked truck was left totaled on Saturday after a hit and run occurred outside their home on Middlebury Street.

Madison Hoschtetler awoke Saturday morning to news from her sister that their truck, parked on Middlebury Street, was slammed into by a van that drove away.

“Well she came in, she woke me up said hey Mark's truck got hit and then obviously I had fallen asleep. I just had a newborn. I was shocked, I came out here and there was a van,” Hoschtetler said.

Losing the car hurts the family's transportation needs as Hoschtetler is also about to return to work for the first time since March and having a newborn.

The couple filed a police report for the crash and hope the driver at question owns up to the hit and run.

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