Hannah Hidalgo launches philanthropy foundation in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind-- Notre Dame star point guard, freshman Hannah Hidalgo is growing roots on and off the court with her playing and new foundation in Michiana.

As if February 22 wasn't special enough, Hannah's Helping Hands Foundation was launched in South Bend, on Hannah's 19th birthday.

A foundation to move the needle in the community with their philanthropy work.

"Hannah's helping hands was formulated to be able to assist the community. We want to impact the world like, we look bigger from a bigger lens, and so one child at a time," Tamara Hidalgo, mother of Hannah Hidalgo said.

Tamara is the executive director of the newly launched foundation. Helping to set sights on what the community needs and how the foundation can assist. The main focus being the youth.

Serving one child at a time will be the foundation’s first form of action.

Taking 40 children to Thursday's women’s basketball game versus Clemson as part of Hannah's Helping Hands mission to provide outreach in areas such as sports.

But with the help of many local organizations and support of south bend mayor James Mueller 

The foundation will provide outreach through health, education, family support, and financial literacy.

"Our desire is to impact the community in a positive manner, and particularly dealing with children. I know it sounds like an old cliche, but they really are our future. So, we want to start with them being very young, and we want to be able to show them that there's more and such great things outside of their just small community, we want to take them out of the box, we want to show them especially Hannah has always been an underdog. So, we want to show them you're not too short, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, and you can impact the world," Tamara added.

The 40 students going to the game is the foundation's way of connecting with the youth. Providing the children with T-shirts, food, and more.

Hannah's Helping Hands is encouraging the community to connect with Hannah via social media:

Instagram, Twitter/X, Tik-Tok

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