Group speaks out against recall petitions of Benton Harbor mayor

NOW: Group speaks out against recall petitions of Benton Harbor mayor

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — Some residents have had enough of the criticism against Mayor Marcus Muhammad’s handling of Benton Harbor’s water crisis and called for an end to the “recall attacks.”

Two recall petitions against Mayor Muhammad were recently denied by Berrien County’s election commission for improper wording or legal time limitations.

Tuesday, a group spoke outside city hall and asked their fellow residents to be more productive with their feelings and offer helpful alternatives or ideas if they think there are things that could be handled differently as the city works through its water crisis.  

“We don’t want anymore drama, we don’t want recounts, you can come on and be part of team solutions,” said citizen activist Trenton Bowens. 

“What bothers me the most is seeing the seriousness of this situation be turned into something it shouldn’t be,” said Benton Harbor resident Reinaldo Tripplett.

Mayor Marcus Muhammad responded to Tuesday’s resident-press conference by telling ABC57, “As Mayor I must listen to all opinions. However, in speaking with residents they want to see the continued distribution of bottled water and the removal of all lead service lines in the City of Benton Harbor. Using tax payer dollars to fund recall elections I do not think is fiscally responsible or a good use of tax payer dollars during this water crisis. My focus will continue to be on solving this decades old infrastructure problem once and for all.”


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