Group from Columbus, OH delivers water to Benton Harbor

NOW: Group from Columbus, OH delivers water to Benton Harbor

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — A group of Columbus, Ohio residents made the drive to Benton Harbor Wednesday to pass out cases of water.

They said they felt called to help after seeing the ongoing impact of the city’s water crisis. 

“We’ve been called to do this, it’s part of our mission to not be in the church but out in the church,” said Henry Foster.

Three men got into their cars and drove to Benton Harbor to rent a U-Haul and then pack it with as many cases of water as they could fit - $1,200 worth. 

“We got in touch with different organizations that needed water and it’s been a blessing for all of us,” said Michael McGuire.

They visited a handful of homes that are part of the Benton Harbor Housing Commission to pass out those cases.

“These people wake up each day hoping for a better life when it comes to drinking water, making formula, safe water,” said Foster.   

They said word is already getting back to their home church and this won’t be their last time in Benton Harbor. 

“Our pastor has told us he would donate a significant amount of money for us to come back,” said McGuire. 

Anyone who would like to get in touch with the group about potential future water distributions can go to their Facebook. 

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