Grotto Network celebrates year one of mission

NOW: Grotto Network celebrates year one of mission

God. Country. Notre dame.

Since it was founded over 175 years ago this has been the motto and mission of all those who have played, prayed, and parted ways peacefully with the university.

Through the the Grotto Network, that founding father's legacy carries on through a digital platform in hopes that faith finds its way back to the church.

Director of the Grotto Network, Sarah Yaklic, has faith that the power of prayer will prevail.

“I'd love 10 years from now to enter mass on Sunday morning and see the pews full of young people.If we could do that I would say lord thank you for bringing me here to direct this project.”

Yaklikc came to Notre Dame with the specific purpose of launching the new age network.

“Grotto Network is a digital evangelism initiative that launched out of the university.”

On November 26, 2017 the worldwide project launched at the place of its namesake with the hopes of spreading the word of God. Country. Notre Dame.

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