Grocery stores adjust to families having smaller Thanksgiving plans

GOSHEN Ind.--- Many Americans are opting for smaller Thanksgiving celebrations due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, grocery stores say they are not necessarily seeing a big change to their bottom line despite the lower volume of purchases.

At Maple City Market in Downtown Goshen, General Manager Brad Alstrom is prepping for the busy holiday rush. 

"Thanksgiving is always when we always have our most sales of the year, the most customers coming in, the biggest baskets, it’s always the busiest time for year for us," said Alstrom.

For most people like Phyllis Stutzman, Thanksgiving 2020 will look much different than in years past. 

"We’ll gather and we’re taking containers, we’ll each bring dishes and trade," said Stutzman.

Alstrom says the only difference he's seen this year for Thanksgiving purchases is the size of the turkeys.

"People are opting for smaller turkeys. We sold out of all of our turkey breast roast a week ago," said Alstrom. "Then we sold out of all of our 10 pound birds, then all of our 11 and 12 pound birds."

Alstrom says he's also preparing for potential panic buyers as the pandemic gets worse.

"We’ve gotten some warnings from our suppliers just to be prepared," said Alstrom. "They’re starting to limit how much we can buy so we kind of see that coming but I don’t think people are as much panic buying as we saw the last time."

Stutzman says she's embracing the unusual celebration her family will have during a year that's been unlike any she's ever experienced.

"Alternatives are good during these times too," said Stutzman. "This is a time to create new traditions for the very different times that we’re in so I’m also looking forward to doing that."

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