FPS gaming update for week of 'September 24th'

NOW: FPS gaming update for week of ’September 24th’

Updates for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone", and a "Halo" crossover with "Rainbow Six Siege", all launched the September 24th week.

Take caution that all of these games are rated M for mature 17+. 

Here's what to know about the updates:

Call of Duty

The new "Call of Duty" update for season 6 includes new multiplayer maps, all available now.

In the update, the character, "Spawn", joins the game as a new playable operator. 

New weapons, including blueprints, operator skins, vehicle skins, Call of Duty points, and more come in the update. 

You can see the "Call of Duty" season 6 video here

You can get a look at the "Call of Duty" season 6 multiplayer maps here


Rainbow Six Siege operator "Sledge" gets new features in the "Halo" and "Rainbow Six Siege" crossover Elite set. 

This set sees Sledge in the Halo Spartan armor of the "Master Chief", headgear and uniform reminiscent of Master Chief's armor from the 2021 game, "Halo Infinite". Updates to Sledge also include a gadget skin that revamps his hammer. 

Sledge's weapons get new skins in the update too, along with operator cards, a victory celebration, and the Cortana Chibi charm. 

The Elite set is available for purchase with R6 credits in the in-game store. 

Watch the "Rainbow Six Siege: Elite Sledge Halo Crossover Trailer", here

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