Flooding and beach erosion along Lake Michigan

NOW: Flooding and beach erosion along Lake Michigan

Strong northwest winds over Lake Michigan are pushing water further inland. 

Water from Lake Michigan pushing inland in New Buffalo. Nathan Voytovick

This is causing flooding for some cities along the shoreline. 

Reports of flooded parking lots, beaches and some roads in New Buffalo are already creating a headache for some. 

Streets flooding in New Buffalo Nathan Voytovick

Officials and our team of Meteorologists are warning people to stay out of the water and off of the piers. Waves crashing on the piers could easily sweep a person away in a matter of seconds. 

Waves are expect to be at their highest this afternoon, topping 10 feet at times!

Due to the high waves a Lakeshore Flood Advisory has been posted for Berrien and LaPorte counties until 8 PM Thursday evening. Strong rip currents and beach erosion is likely. 

Waves start to subside tonight as winds calm. Tune into ABC 57 News at 5 pm for the latest on the flooding, wind and rain. 

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