Elkhart gets its own version of Monopoly

NOW: Elkhart gets its own version of Monopoly

ELKHART, Ind. -- The city with a heart now has its own version of Monopoly, branded as, “A Fun Game Celebrating the RV Capital of the World!”

The Walmart on US 20 in Elkhart released a specialized version of Monopoly, called Elkhart-Opoly.

The game first started as a Notre Dame version of Monopoly, created by a company called Late for the Sky, but then switched to a local version based on Elkhart.

It is played just like regular Monopoly but has a hometown flare with properties renamed for real locations around Elkhart.

It features spots like Bonneyville Mill, Wellfield Botanic Gardens, the historic Lerner Theatre, and even Simonton Lake Drive-In.

"I think a lot of people are buying it as almost like a collector’s edition. Plus it's local to them, it's a part of them, it's a part of the community. It's something that they haven't seen before. They haven't had before and it's personal,” said Walmart store manager, Steve Amani.

The game will sell for around $20 at Walmart.

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