Drier's Meat Market celebrates 110th anniversary

NOW: Drier’s Meat Market celebrates 110th anniversary

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. - What started off as a wagon repair shop turned into a butcher shop that was converted by Alec Watson in 1875. The year was 1913 when Ed Drier purchased the shop from Watson.

Fast forward to 2023. Now owned and operated by Drier’s granddaughter, Carolyn, and her nephew, David Wooley, Drier’s Meat Market is celebrating its 110th anniversary.

“My dad would be so proud because his passion, his concern, his lovely place that he had, is still going,” Drier said.

His daughter, Carolyn, says she began helping her father on the weekends. Part-time eventually became full-time. She says her and her father had a special bond that made for a successful working relationship.

Since the building’s 1875 opening, Drier’s Meat Market has been recognized as a national historic site.

A lot of the building's original parts remain, including the windows, the floor sawdust, and butchering tools. Carolyn Drier says it is amazing to know she can leave her customers memories of coming into the historic market.

“I would love for people to come into this room. They don’t have to buy anything. But to see things the way they used to be is important for all the generations especially the younger ones now coming in with their grandparents.”

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