'Ctrl Salt Delete,’ ‘Darth Blader’ among names of MDOT snowplows

Much of the Midwest has started to shovel their way out of the storm of the season and snowplows in Michigan are hitting the road.

You can view where the snowplows are in real-time on the Michigan Department of Transportation's Mi Drive map. The map can also show you updates on construction and traffic incidents. 

You may notice each MDOT snowplow has a name. Creative monikers like “Ctrl Salt Delete,” “Darth Blader,” “Salty Attitude” and “It’s Snow Problem” distinguish each snowplow from the next on the map.

Around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, “BettyLou Blizzard” and “Big Poppa” made their way over to clean up roads near New Buffalo and Chikaming Township.

“Licensed to Chill” was spotted near Cassopolis around the same time.

Check out the list of snowplow names in the southwest region below. Visit MDOT’s website for the full list of names!

Names of MDOT snowplows in the Southwest Region:

Almost Summer
Barry Salt-and-Sanders
Beach Buggy
Betty Whiteout
BettyLou Blizzard
Big Kahuna
Big Poppa
Blade Runner
Blades of Steel
Bliz Wiz
Blizzard Buster
Buzz Iceclear
Cheese Puff
Chill Bill
Ctrl Salt Delete
Darth Blader
Detroit SnoWings
Frosted Flake
Git Snow Git
It's Snow Problem
Kalamazoo Canoe
Lady Lake Effect
Lake Effect Collect
Lead Dog
Let It Snow
Licensed to Chill
Lil Snow Peep
Love at Frost Sight
Love Mi Plow
Lumber Jack
Machine Plow Kelly
Marky Mark and the TSMO Bunch
Move It Move It
Mr. Plow
Pavement Liberator
Plowasaurus Rex
Plower Ranger
Plowthagorean Theorem
Ramrod the Destroyer
Rocky Salterton
Salt Whitman
Salty Attitude
Seymour Snow
Sir Plows-A-Lot
Sir Salts-A-Lot
Slush Puppy
Snow Can Do
Snow Captain
Snow Digitty
Snow Hunter
Snow It All
Snow Place Like Home
Snow Shall Not Pass
Snow Shifter
Sodium Slinger
Steve Icerman
The Kraken
Winter Commander
Winter Express
Winter Snowdier
Yukon Cornelius

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