Coach Kelly and Jack Swarbrick remember Coach Parseghian

NOW: Coach Kelly and Jack Swarbrick remember Coach Parseghian

The Notre Dame football team is at the fall training camp at Culver Academies this week. After practice, Head Coach Brian Kelly spoke with Fighting Irish Digital Media about Coach Ara Parseghian and the impact he had on the entire football team.

"When we talk about a tradition of excellence at Notre Dame when it comes to graduating our players and playing for a National Championship, he set that standard. So, we live in that tradition of excellence that was created by the likes of Ara Parseghian so that's why it's a sad day but we he's created something great for us here at Notre Dame that we can live in that tradition every day," Coach Kelly said.

Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick was also at fall training camp with the team and spoke about his memories of Coach Parseghian.

Swarbrick was a student at Notre Dame during Coach Parseghian's last three seasons in South Bend.  

Swarbrick called Parseghian a mentor and a friend. He says Parseghian left a lasting legacy at the university.

"He was not a champion in any one segment of his life and others weren't quite up to par. He was a champion football coach, he was a champion family man. He was a champion crusader to cure an insidious disease and he was a regular guy. He was accessible," said Swarbrick.

Coach Parseghian had one of the best records at Notre Dame. His legacy goes beyond his 95-17-4 record.

He brought Notre Dame back to life after a dismal decade. He was hired in 1964, a year after the Irish went 2-and-7 and fans were begging for change. He brought it.

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