City of Plymouth working to bring awareness around work zone safety

NOW: City of Plymouth working to bring awareness around work zone safety

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- A young construction worker was hit and killed on the job in Plymouth five years ago.

Now the city is hoping his tragic death can push drivers to use caution in work zones.

Former mayoral candidate Benjamin Fisher was finishing his shift when he was struck and killed by an impaired driver.

His mother Jo Fisher started The Ben Fisher Foundation the following year, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing driver awareness and improving safety for road crews around the state of Indiana.

Benjamin Fisher lost his life one day after his 29th birthday.

His mother, Jo, is turning tragedy into something positive by bringing awareness to road safety with the ben fisher foundation.

The foundation is distributing reflective shirts for visibility, saying lives are lost when you don't move over and slow down.

The City of Plymouth is working to provide drivers with alerts of where active work zones are. His mother says that one of his last words saved the life of his coworker Laura, telling her to get out of the way when he saw the man coming.

"The paramedics, when they arrived and she told them what happened, told her if she hadn't gotten out of the way, that she would have probably been paralyzed or been gone, same as him," said Fisher.

“I absolutely owe my life to ben, if he didn't warn me, I probably wouldn't be here today," said Laura McCollister, Benjamin's co-worker.

The foundation will also be at the intersection of Jefferson and Michigan street handing out keychains and accepting donations to bring more awareness to road work safety on April 12 and 13.

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