Church continues delivering water after distribution event mishap

NOW: Church continues delivering water after distribution event mishap

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — Water distributions continue in Benton Harbor, including at one church where last week they seemingly cancelled their event at the last minute with hundreds of cars stuck waiting in line. 

Rev. Edward Pinkney said the entire thing was a misunderstanding at his church, God’s Household of Faith, that unfortunately came at the expense of the people needing clean water.

Rev. Pinkney said despite MDHHS delivering the water for Friday’s event, the crews took a forklift that had been on this property to help, preventing volunteers from getting huge skids of water off the semi trucks.  

He said they cancelled the event with MDHHS because his volunteers could also use some rest, but it turns out the cancellation was never publicized and all those people who got in line Friday wound up frustrated.

“My team, we had worked all week going door-to-door, and they were tired and I just said we’ll make it up to the community and we’ll just continue,” said Rev. Pinkney. “The people of Benton Harbor, we will be going door-to-door and we’re willing to do it, that’s the most important thing.”

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