Celebrate the Monarch butterfly's migration with Save the Dunes' Monarch Music Fest

MICHIGAN CITY, Mich. - It's that time of year for Monarch butterflies to begin their migration to Mexico and Save the Dunes is giving them a sendoff. 

Join Save the Dunes with music and food at the Brewery Lodge & Supper Club as portions of the event will benefit protecting the Indiana dunes and surrounding areas. 

Monarchs are the only butterfly to make a two-way migration, like birds. 

Eastern North American Monarchs, such as those living in Indiana, migrate to a warmer climate in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. The temperatures, ranging from 32 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit give Monarchs the ideal humid climate. 

Western North American Monarchs migrate to California. 

Save the Dunes endeavors to protect the pollinator's habitat and to keep it safe for the Monarch's return to Indiana. 

Their efforts with the Conservation Action Planning, in Calumet, work towards building the Monarch butterflies population.

"The Monarch butterfly’s numbers have been in drastic decline over the past twenty years, but recent studies have established the importance of urban habitat to their conservation."

The sendoff, Monarch Music Fest, will take place September 10 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with tickets purchased for $50 online and $60 at the door. Kids' tickets are $15. 

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