Bowling Against Bullying event draws in 100+ community members

NOW: Bowling Against Bullying event draws in 100+ community members

WARSAW, Ind. -- Kosciusko County Deputy Shaun Mudd never intended to start Bowling Against Bullying. 

Mudd started out by reaching out to a local student who was being bullied and offered to have himself and other members of the Sheriff's Department visit at school for lunch. When that idea wasn't approved, he offered to take the student bowling, and the idea grew from there. 

Now, five years in, he and his team of volunteers have drawn in more than 100 kids for an afternoon of free bowling, all in an effort to gather donations for their cause.

This year, Bowling Against Bullying has taken the next step by organizing a $1,000 scholarship the Kosciusko Community Foundation to be given to a student who struggles with bullying.

The group has raised more than $10,000 so far with a goal of $25,000. Once that number is reached, the scholarship will live off of the interest going forward.

Bowling against Bullying raised $742 in total on Saturday. 

Anyone interested in volunteering or making a donation to the scholarship can find more information here

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