Berrien County announces seasonal weight restrictions for oversized vehicles

Photo courtesy: PxHere

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. – Seasonal weight restrictions for oversized vehicles in Berrien County will take effect on March 1.

These “Frost Laws” will reduce the “Maximum Axle Load” by 35% per axle MCL 257.722(5).

Speed limits will also be reduced to 35mph for all commercial vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Rating of 10,000lbs or more MCL 257.627(6).

The maximum wheel load will be reduced to 450lbs psi. of tire width MCL 257.722(5).

For a map of roads not affected by the weight restrictions, contact the Berrien County Road Department at 269-925-1196.

All oversized vehicles should contact the Road Department Weighmaster for written approval of any oversized trips.

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