Benton Habor residents lose water due to water main break

NOW: Benton Habor residents lose water due to water main break

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. --- Utility crews in Benton Harbor are working to fix a water main break that’s left approximately 85% of residents without running water. The break comes on top of the already severe water crisis residents have been facing.

Initially the mayor said folks could expect their water in 2-6 hours and he says while the timing is unfortunate he wants the community to stick together during this difficult time.

“You know to get a call to say there’s no water in the city of Benton Harbor on top of everything that’s happening you can’t prepare for it. There’s no manual, there’s no book," said Muhammad.

Residents in Benton Harbor have been dealing with a water crisis, but they weren't expecting to lose water.

“Right now, we’re experiencing you know issues with old infrastructure. So this is the primary water main that connects the water filtration plant to our water tower and also it infuses water to all of the other arteries and veins throughout the city," said Muhammad.

Muhammad says the city called in half a dozen contractors.

Residents were placed under a water boil advisory.

“The recommendation was that we fix this primary water main. It may take a little more time, but for health reasons it’s best," said Muhammad.

While the timing of the break proves to be another obstacle for the city the mayor says it’s important everyone remain positive.

“I’m asking all residents to be calm, stay positive. If you know any senior citizens or someone that may have an emergency contact 911 and we’re gonna do everything we can to bring a resolution," said Muhammad.

The mayor says this break will not disrupt scheduled water distributions for the rest of the week.

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