Beacon hosts second annual adaptive athlete Sunburst Races

NOW: Beacon hosts second annual adaptive athlete Sunburst Races

GRANGER, Ind.,--Beacon Health hosts its second annual Sunburst Adaptive Athlete Event in Granger this morning. The event provides a safe place for people with disabilities to foster independence in a supportive environment. The event was created Dr. Chris Ketcham a Beacon physician who works with patients who have gone through life-changing disabilities.  

“It can be very frightening to take those first few steps out on a trail where you’re by yourself. So, this is kind of a bridge to that," said Ketcham. "And it brings people together. At the end of the day, I tell my amputee patients that at the end of the day, I get up and walk out of the room, but you are left with your amputation, but this, hopefully will bring those people together, create some comradery, maybe a little competition and help people enjoy some time together.”  

The event is for people of all ages and for those using assistive devices like wheelchairs, leg braces, walkers, prosthetics and more and features an untimed 1-mile athlete event on the paved path around the fitness center.  

 Ketcham says it’s a great way for patients to transition out of rehabilitation as well.  

“Patients, we do a great job taking care of them in the hospital, helping them transition through rehab, through therapy, back into the home setting, but a lot of the times we have difficulty making the final jump into what the patient misses the most and that’s physical activity.”   

The event raises funds to support our rehabilitation programs and Beacon Children’s Hospital. Sunburst Races Director, Courtney Kipker says it's an event for all.  

“So, [Dr. Ketcham] really wanted to put on an event that was inclusive to everyone in our community. So, he got the ball rolling on this and we expanded it into other populations as well," said Kipker. 

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