Annual fire hydrant flushing in South Bend will begin next week

ABC 57

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - South Bend will begin flushing out fire hydrants next week as they perform routine maintenance on the water distribution system. 

The city will continue running these tests periodically through the end of October. 

Strategic flushing around the area of Olive Street, and north and south of Sample Street will begin later this month. 

Flushing has several positive benefits, including most notably verifying proper operation of the hydrants. It also prevents water stagnation and helps prevent recurring discolored water events. 

During flushing, residents should know:

  • Tap water may temporarily appear red, brown or blackish in color. If this happens, run three cold-water faucets at full stream until the water runs clear again.
  • Check clothes washers and icemakers for any sediment.
  • If faucets seem clogged or running slowly, remove screens and rinse out.
  • Water pressure may fluctuate. If it does, this is only temporary and regular water pressure will resume once the flushing period is complete.
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