Alex Bars: A family affair

All eyes this season will be on the play of the offensive line.

With the departure of two all-Americans and two first round draft picks, it’s up to the captains, one of which being Alex Bars, to bring this group together.

For Alex, the opening game of the season versus Michigan means much more than just x’s and o’s.

As a Notre Dame player, there is no bigger thrill than hearing Michigan is on the schedule.

But for 5th year Senior Captain, Alex Bars, playing the maze and blue means much more than beating your rival.

“We got to play them my freshman year. And that was when my brother was playing for Michigan,” said Alex.

Alex’s brother,  Blake, was a Wolverine from 2011 to 2016.

 “My brother was traveling. And it was a home game. I was a redshirt freshman. Thankfully I was able to dress. We beat Michigan thankfully. After, my brother was still disappointed gave me a hug, talked a little bit and snapped a picture. I think it’s so rare having two brothers playing football in college. And being able to go across the field and talk. It’s pretty special,” said Alex.

In 2014, at Notre Dame Stadium, the two met on the field after the game.

“To see Alex come all the way from a freshman when I played here and I was a senior, to playing Michigan again is really something special,” said Blake.

And now the brothers share a special bond off the field, too!

In 2016 Blake decided to forgo a 5th year and applied to law school at where else? Notre dame!

“He was gonna get his own place and I was gonna get my own place and then we were like let’s just get our own place. It’s convenient, it’s right down the street, it’ll be a nice break,” Blake.

And yes these two live together!

But seeing each other outside their off campus apartment is rare!

“He comes back and goes to his room. He’s in law school. All he does is read and outline,” said Alex.

While Blake is knee deep in books Alex is deep in the trenches carrying on a bars family legacy, that started with their dad Joe, who was a six foot five linebacker at Notre Dame.

Brad the oldest brother also played college football at Penn State.

Lauren who is the youngest in the family and plays volleyball .

“I know ‘Q’ he’s the most respectful guy to women. And you’d rather know the guy, than not know him. She’s down at ole miss so I’m really glad she’s with ‘Q’,” said Alex.

Alex’s good friend and former all-American, Quentin Nelson, is dating Lauren Bars!

It’s Nelson who has influenced Alex the most in his time at Notre Dame.

“Quentin in a way has the map on how to excel in college and make it to the next level. Everything that he has done I’ve tried to emulate and take from him,” said Aelx.

Alex said it’s that support from friends and family that has helped him develop into the player he is and hopes to become.

Some brotherly loves always helps, too!

Even if your older brother and now roommate was once playing for the arch-rival.

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