A former Praxis employee says, "Praxis does not have your back."

NOW: A former Praxis employee says, “Praxis does not have your back.“

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A Praxis Landmark employee was fired, a lawsuit was filed and three facilities' licenses were revoked- all in one week.  

“This is a snowball rolling down the mountain. And it’s just picking up steam and getting bigger and bigger until it’s just going to be this huge boulder and it’s just going to knock Landmark out,” former Search Engine Optimization specialist for Praxis Jason Brown said.  

The state of Indiana has suspended landmark’s Medicaid insurance -- causing the addiction treatment facility to place workers on a furlough.    

Patients will have to be discharged by this Thursday, August 3. This comes after the state health officials revoked the license of three landmark facilities in Fort Wayne, Carmel and Mishawaka. 

Patients had to be out by August 17, but that's now being pushed forward. 

Brown believes this is the final straw for Praxis as issues mount. 

“Just losing 160 beds is really going to hurt Landmark," he said. "Losing the ability to open more facilities in Indiana is going to hurt them financially. Losing a possible third of their commercial patients and facilities is going to hurt them. It's going to be very tough for Landmark to bounce back.”   

Brown is encouraging current employees to look elsewhere for work.   

"I don’t see a way that they’re coming back and they’re going to bring you back. And even if they do, this is not an organization that is going to care about you and have your back.” 

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