Former employees speak about Praxis closure

NOW: Former employees speak about Praxis closure

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - “So many emotions. Heartbreaking, soul-crushing, angering, enraging.” Those are the emotions former Praxis employee Kelsey Farver is feeling about the ongoing issues with Praxis.

She said from day one, she felt uneasy about the facility. 

Farver says she contacted corporate headquarters about the abuse, fights, and mistreatment she witnessed there but never heard back from the company. While Farver says it’s a little upsetting they didn’t listen to her initially, she is relieved the facility is being shut down. 

“It’s about time because we matter. We are human beings too. And these people deserve the same. Addicts are not bad people; they just make really bad decisions.” 

Adriana DeMuth is a student at Indiana University South Bend majoring in social work. She says she initially believed Praxis would be a good entry level job and an opportunity to help people in addiction recovery.   

But she says things started going south and that Landmark Recovery was not transparent to their employees-who were assured their jobs were safe, when that wasn't the case.

“We’re having a hard time getting jobs now because we worked at Landmark. A couple of workers have been denied jobs, I was ignored. We are out of work and can’t be compensated for it,” DeMuth said. 

She says she hopes the truth comes to light, as the investigation continues. 

“I hope Matt Boyle and the rest of the corporate team will decide to speak up publicly instead of saying things are misinformation and realistically look into things.”

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