57 Pep Talks: Former Notre Dame basketball player Jordan Cornette

ABC57 Saturday Kickoff host Allison Hayes is sharing messages of hope from community members across Michiana who are still finding ways to spread positivity despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former Notre Dame basketball player Jordan Cornette shared these words of encouragement.

“I want to give love to everybody out there, most especially to everyone in South Bend. Spent a lot of great times there, also known as God’s Country. I know these times are turbulent. I know you wake up unaware of what the next day may bring, but I task you all with me and my wife do. Wake up with a purpose and optimism because we will get through this. We’ve seen crazy dark times throughout our existence as humans, as a civilization but we always fight through. I love you guys, stay positive. And my wife and our little Kobe girl want to say something. Stay positive. We love you guys. Go Irish!" Cornette said.

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