57 Minute Miracle surprises a single grandma in Elkhart

NOW: 57 Minute Miracle surprises a single grandma in Elkhart


ELKHART, Ind. -- The 57 Minute Miracle team kicks off the 2018 season at the Black Crow on Main in Elkhart. There, they meet a woman who helps surprise her local jeweler--who turns out to be a single grandma in need of a little help.

We met Kristi Lavers at the Black Crow cafe, and after mulling it over a bit, she decided to surprise her jeweler of five years, Wendy Bechtel-Swan.

"Unfortunately for my husband, I'm a frequent customer [at Hopman Jewelers], and so I've gotten to know some of the ladies, and they're just really nice people. And Wendy, I know has had kind of a tough year. Gosh, I'd love to do something for her," said Kristi.

Wendy is used to spending her time in the back room, so she was really taken off guard when the ABC 57 camera crew showed up to her workplace.

When we told her we were there to surprise her with $570, she immediately broke down in tears, hugging Kristi.

She said she was overcome with gratitude, because this little bit will go a long way for a woman who's the sole supporter of an expanding household.

“[I] just recently sold my house, moved in with my mother, brought three children, two grandchildren onto one piece of property, basically helping my 70-year-old mother out and keeping an eye on the grandkids," said Wendy Bechtel-Swan.

“And she does a good job," chimed in Kristi, "because She’s just the most genuine, open, loving person, and she gives everything to everybody else but herself. It’s true. That’s all I can say.”

Although, Wendy, of course, doesn't see herself as doing anything extraordinary.

“Basically paying bills like everybody else. This is going to help for Christmas a lot...I’m a true believer in give out and it will come back to you three times over...I’m just very grateful and humbled," Wendy said turning to Kristi. "I love you."

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