57 Minute Miracle in downtown Elkhart: Making a miracle happen


Our 57 Minute Miracle series starts in downtown Elkhart. We find someone random who only has 57 minutes to help us give away $570 to a person in need.

We set our sights on one woman just getting into her Jeep.

Her name is Emma Kyle, and she agrees to make our very first 57 Minute Miracle happen.

We ask her to tell us the first person who pops into her head who she thinks could use a miracle.

“David Anderson,” says Emma. “He could use some help. He’s on dialysis and everything, so yeah he needs some help.”

She tells us we can make it to him in 57 minutes and agrees to take us to him right away.

So, we hop in our car and follow, racing against the clock.

We hit the road with Emma to make our first 57 Minute Miracle happen in Elkhart. Let's see if we make it to Anderson, in time.

She takes us to the Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where Anderson is currently receiving treatment.

Emma heads inside to retrieve Anderson and we wait to surprise him with $570.

When we tell him about the miracle—and that we made it happen in 25 minutes—all Anderson can say is ‘thank you’ while Emma cheers.

All his life, Anderson has faced numerous health problems, but just last week he found out he had cancer.

“Last week. I got lung cancer. I got lung cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s, diabetes, and kidney failure. I was on the kidney list, but now I got to get off the kidney list because I have this cancer in my body. Can’t have no infections or nothing in your body,” said Anderson.

At least now he doesn’t have to worry about his rent, he says.

“Give praises to God. He’s a healer,” said Anderson.

But Emma is the angel who’s helping Anderson heal this time—with our very first 57 Minute Miracle.

UPDATE: Emma Kyle contacted the station on December 23, 2016 to notify us David Anderson had passed away. Our thoughts are with his family.

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