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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

True Believers More

A young music student (guest star sofia vassilieva) is raped at gunpoint in her own apartment, but with her help, the svu squad makes a quick arrest. Bureau chief mike cutter (linus roache) takes over the case when he finds that opposing counsel is high-profile defense attorney bayard ellis (guest star andre braugher). As ellis works to undermine their police work and damage the victim?S credibility, the detectives take the stand to prove they have more than just a he-said, she-said case.

Steve Wilkos Show

Overdose or Foul Play? More

In 2020, Christina mysteriously overdosed and passed away on her kitchen floor. Her sister, Denise, now suspects foul play and believes that Mandy had something to do with Christina’s demise. Christina left behind three children, and her eldest, Madison also believes Mandy has been hiding important details about the night her mom died. Next, over 10 years ago, Roy stood on the stage and said that if his wife Nikki loved him, she wouldn’t run away even after he beat her. She suffered his abuse be

The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Barbershop More

When Dave drops by Calvin's longtime barbershop, he's quickly embraced by its owner and patrons, much to Calvin's consternation.

The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Big Payback More

When Gemma has her car repaired at Calvin's shop, Tina insists she doesn't need to pay for the work, to Calvin's consternation. Also, Malcolm and Marty find themselves on the same dating app - and vying for the same woman's attention.

Two and a Half Men

The Crazy Bitch Gazette More

Charlie's newest girlfriend can deal with all the craziness in his life—except for Rose's stalking.

Two and a Half Men

Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak More

Rose keeps 'cheating' with Charlie. Alan's plea to family for money to advertise his chiropractic office quickly devolves into a Ponzi scheme.

Young Sheldon

Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit More

Sheldon learns to listen when an emotional paige struggles with her parents' divorce; george sr. Is furious when georgie tries to buy his way out of chores

Young Sheldon

An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius More

A video game takes over sheldon and meemaw's life; george sr. Is jealous when georgie bonds with herschel at the auto shop.

Big Bang Theory

The Viewing Party Combustion More

While arranging a Game of Thrones viewing party for the gang, a small disagreement between Leonard and Sheldon turns into a major deal and ends up with part of the group at Leonard's and the rest at Penny's.

Big Bang Theory

The Rhinitis Revelation More

When his mother comes for another visit, Sheldon is disappointed that she's stopped being the mother he wants her to be.


The Deal More

Jerry and Elaine are watching TV late at night and stumble across "naked people" and that gets them both discussing whether they could have a relationship and not jeopardize their friendship. George says it can't be done, but Jerry and Elaine devise "a system"; however, it develops a little trouble when her birthday comes along.


The Doodle More

Jerry discovers that his apartment is infested with fleas. As it's being fumigated Elaine can't get at a manuscript she needs for a job interview, Kramer loses his sense of taste, and Jerry's obsession with hygiene gets him into his girlfriend's bad books. Meanwhile, George finds out that his girlfriend doesn't care about looks which may be less of an insult than he originally thought.

The King of Queens

Whine Country More

Doug and Carrie face problems when they try to decide where to go on vacation.

The King of Queens

Loaner Car More

Doug loans Carrie to Deacon to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. When Deacon ditches her for Holly's services, his web of lies soon gets out of control. Trying to cover it up, Doug continues to dig a hole for himself.

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