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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Confidential More

When security cameras record footage of a woman being abducted, it isn't long before captain donald cragen (dann florek) and the svu squad find the woman dead in the basement. Detective john munch (richard belzer) recalls a similar case from twenty years before, sending detectives olivia benson (mariska hargitay) and elliot stabler (christopher meloni) to sing sing to speak to the culprit, who begs them to reopen his case and prove his innocence. As strange similarities between the two cases beg


My Brother is Black... How Can Your Mixed Baby Be His? More

Laquandra says when she found out she was pregnant with her now three month old son, it was tough being excited. The reason, her fiancé Develle were taking a break and during that time, she slept with another man named Devonatea leaving her uncertain who the father could be. Develle has temporarily called off their wedding and finds it tough to look at a child that resembles another man yet carries his name. Both men are determined to find out who the father is as an all-out war has erupted. Onl

The Neighborhood

Welcome to Malcolm's Job More

When Tina agrees to give Grover piano lessons and her son Malcolm lands a job in retail sales, neither Butler has a first day that goes quite according to plan.

The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Scooter More

When the Johnsons' Christmas present for Grover is stolen, Calvin and Dave team up to recover the gift in time for the holiday. Also, a nostalgic Tina tries to get into the Christmas spirit by reviving traditions from when Malcolm and Marty were kids.

Two and a Half Men

The ‘Ocu’ or the ‘Pado’? More

Charlie's admission that he's in love with Chelsea gets a surprising reaction from her.

Two and a Half Men

Castrating Sheep In Montana More

Berta discovers that Alan has been dating her daughter Naomi.

Young Sheldon

A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross More

Georgie is thrilled when veronica stays at the coopers' house for a few days; meemaw and dr. Sturgis celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Big Bang Theory

The Expedition Approximation More

Sheldon and Raj consider applying for a dark matter research expedition in a salt mine, but their friends don't believe they would be able to cope with the difficult conditions. Sheldon and Raj test their hardiness to heat and cramped conditions in the university's steam tunnel. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny get into an argument over money. When they seek their married friends' help on how to handle their finances as a couple, it sparks a disagreement between Howard and Bernadette.

Big Bang Theory

The Einstein Approximation More

Stuck on the solution to a physics problem, Sheldon seeks a number of alternative approaches to change his thinking and free the mental block—including working with Penny at The Cheesecake Factory.


The Gum More

Kramer is active in the re-opening of an old movie theater. He also is keeping an eye on a friend, Lloyd, who's recovering from a nervous breakdown. Lloyd has a pack of Chinese gum that Kramer insists everyone tries. George thinks the cashier short-changed him and meets a former neighbor (who's had a breakdown) and his daughter, Deena. George lets his former neighbor look at his car. Elaine tries to avoid interacting with Lloyd, loses a button from her blouse and reveals herself to Lloyd and Kra


The Mango More

George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence below "the equator." Jerry begs Elaine for another chance when he finds out she faked her orgasms. Kramer gets banned from his favorite fruit shop and sends Jerry to get his fruit but the owner who knows Jerry's and Kramer's orders realizes Jerry is buying for Kramer. Joe bans Jerry from the fruit shop as well.

The King of Queens

White Collar More

Doug begins to miss being behind the wheel of his truck when he is promoted after the death of his shift supervisor.

The King of Queens

China Syndrome, Part 1 More

Doug and Carrie's marital tension continues, as they ponder whether they have a future together. Arthur and Ava's wedding day turns problematic.

The Goldbergs

Deadheads More

Barry feels threatened when school deadhead Matt starts hanging out with the JTP; and Beverly decides to start a family swear jar after she hears Adam use a curse word.


Cornbread and a Cashmere Onesie More

Christy and Bonnie grow concerned about Jill on the anniversary of her mother's suicide.

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