Whirlpool Corporation offers internship for Berrien County students

NOW: Whirlpool Corporation offers internship for Berrien County students

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. - Possibilities at Home, known as P@TH, is a 10-week college internship program offered by Whirlpool. 

Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is the only internship in the company offered to freshmen and sophomores. 

Whirlpool Corporation Senior Director for Global Inclusion and Learning, Kim Kavala says students often leave for college and don’t come back to the area after graduation. She says the internship aims to help them realize their future is in Berrien County.  

“What better way to invest in this community than investing in this community’s future leaders. And one of the things we would like to achieve with this P@TH internship is ensuring that students understand that there are possibilities for a fulfilling career right here in Berrien County,” Kavala said. 

The 2023 class consists of 12 interns, with four of them being returning participants. Kavala says commitment and dedication is what makes this group so special. 

“This intern class is super committed to the community, to their work, and just by the nature of P@TH being possibilities at home, these are students who know this area, who are committed to this community. And they’re a very diverse group. And I just feel they bring a great diversity of thought to the work they do,” Kavala said. 

Zaria Rimpson, a junior at Wayne State University, is marking her second year with the program. She says she is eager to go through the process again to gain more opportunities.  

“It feels really good. My experience last year was amazing, and I learned so many things. So being able to come back this year and gain even more experiences and learning the different aspects of Whirlpool that I could explore for a second year, it just made this experience hit deeper for me,” Rimpson said.   

She strongly encourages other local Berrien County college students to consider applying for the program.  

“The P@TH program is very unique where it tries to connect the students from their majors and school, they’re studying now to an internship opportunity. If you’re definitely looking for some real-world experience in your career, in your field and just trying to learn more, this program is amazing,” Rimpson said. 

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