What to know about Gubernatorial race and proposal ballots before midterm elections in Michigan

NOW: What to know about Gubernatorial race and proposal ballots before midterm elections in Michigan


Heading into the final hours before election day, Michigan gubernatorial candidates are making their final pitches to voters.

Both democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and republican candidate, Tudor Dixon, met with supporters respectively on Sunday.

Whitmer held her rally in Oakland County, a county that has seemed to favor democrats more in recent years.

Whitmer touched on the subjects she wants to focus on if re-elected for a second term.

Whitmer lends her support to investments in K-12 education, protecting abortion rights, improving Michigan infrastructure and safe drinking water for all neighbors.

It’s under Whitmer’s direction that the Benton Harbor water crisis project is already ahead of schedule at 99% completion.

On the republican side, opponent Tudor Dixon met her supporters Sunday evening in Sterling Heights.

Dixon hopes to win the people of Michigan over with her promises to fight inflation, intentions to provide individual tax relief and ease business regulations and taxes.

She has also vocalized her support of law enforcement, an issue that many in Michigan are watching closely.

When it comes to abortion access, Dixon believes in abortion only in the case that it would save the mother’s life.

While it is expected to be a tight election, most public polls to this point have showed Whitmer with a lead against Dixon, who gained former president Donald Trump’s backing in July.

There are also 3 big proposals on the ballot this year for Michigan.

Proposal 1 is getting the least amount of publicity so far. If passed, it would require all state elected officials to file annual financial disclosures starting in 2024, and limit how long someone can serve at the state level, either in the state senate or the house.

Proposal 2 would make changes to voting laws, including early voting and drop votes. The biggest change would be a new requirement of 9 days of early in-person voting.

Proposal 3 is getting the most attention from both candidates, it would return the right to decide on prenatal and postpartum care, childbirth, and other decisions back to the patients if passed.

If you’re not sure where to go to cast your vote tomorrow, you can visit this website to find the polling place closest to you.

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