Way more snow in the South compared to South Bend so far

NOW: Way more snow in the South compared to South Bend so far

For most of Michiana, snow has been very hard to come by lately. 

South Bend's seasonal snowfall still sits at a paltry 1.3 inches, and our snowfall deficit is already approaching a foot.

And this weekend, while Michiana got a Saturday soaker, significant snow fell across much of the South.

Parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska received close to 6 inches of snow, while even Texas and Arkansas picked up multiple inches of fresh powder. 

At this point in the season, Amarillo, Texas has experienced nearly 3 times the snowfall of South Bend, Indiana. 

The lack of snow and cold temperatures has been part of another frustrating start to the season for winter sports enthusiasts as well. 

However, officials at Swiss Valley Ski and Snowboarding Area told ABC57 News that temperatures are FINALLY cold enough for them to start to make some snow!

While Michiana (still) doesn't have any major winter weather on the horizon, temperatures should remain just cold enough to support snowmaking through the end of the week. 

We're watching a potential system that will impact Michiana very close to Christmas. Temperatures are still a big question mark, so it's too early to tell whether we're talking mostly rain or snow. Keep checking back for updates as fine tune our forecast.

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