Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer remembers Rep. Walorski, Zach and Emma

One of the last people to see Rep. Jackie Walorski on Wednesday was Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer.

Rep. Walorski met with community and business leaders earlier Wednesday because the area is being added to her district. Zach Potts and Emma Thomson were with Rep. Walorski.

Mayor Thallemer said the reaction to the tragedy is an example of the respect and goodwill she has earned through decades of service.

He said it is hard to process her loss.

“It’s very difficult. I mean gosh somebody you’re just sitting next to, and they’re gone. That’s tough, but stepping back today and getting some perspective everyone felt that way when they first heard it. Very high level of grief just at the way that it happened and with what Jackie represented. Not easy to deal with," Mayor Thallemer said.

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