UV light sanitization devices: Do they work? Are they worth your money?

NOW: UV light sanitization devices: Do they work? Are they worth your money?

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. --- ABC57 Investigates a new piece of pandemic technology that promises to kill up to 99.9% of germs with the shine of a light.

With promises of safety, comfort and other germ-free experiences, UV lights are now the new go-to COVID-19 germ killer filling carts on Amazon and at local stores.

But how well do these new UV light work and are they worth the money?

“It all sounds good and there is some science behind it,” Executive Vice President Medical Device International Services Kim Trautman said. "The commercial products out there, typically don’t have what’s necessary to meet those scientific possibilities.”

“These devices have existed because they sell peace of mind, level of comfort to people who are afraid of germs,” Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. James Malley.

Kim Trautman and James Malley are experts in the field of medical devices and ultraviolet disinfection. Amidst the pandemic, people are worried and constantly looking for ways to keep themselves safe, but the devices in question are nothing more than a false sense of security, according to Trautman and Malley.

ABC57 Investigative Reporter Brenda Koopsen went back to the lab at Andrews University to put three different UV light devices to the test to see how well they measure up keeping your everyday items and you, safe.

ABC57 did reach out to the companies of the devices used in this experiment for a statement on our findings, but did not hear back.

This experiment was done with the cooperation of Andrews University, but it is not official or licensed in any way.

Please see above video for the full experiment.

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