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The official trailers for both "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" and "Invincible" season 2 released over the weekend. 

The Godzilla spinoff series, "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters", will be set after Godzilla's battle with the Titans, from the 2019 film, "Godzilla: King of the Monsters". 

"Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" premiers on Apple TV+, on November 17th. 

You can see the full official trailer here

Steven Yeun will return as Mark Grayson, aka, Invincible, and J.K. Simmons will return as Nolan Grayson, aka, Omni-Man, in season 2 of Invincible. 

Also joining the cast for season 2, is Peter Cullen, who will play Viltrumite Great Thaedus, the Coalition Leader. 

Season 2 of Invincible premiers on Amazon Prime Video on November 3rd. 

Take caution that "Invincible" is a TV-MA rated animated adult series.

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