The US calls for more vaccines as monkeypox reaches all 50 states

NOW: The US calls for more vaccines as monkeypox reaches all 50 states


Monkeypox now impacts all 50 states. The White House says it's making 1.8 million vaccine doses available for order starting Tuesday, but critics still say the country is playing catchup.

The US has already distributed nearly one million vaccines and has an agreement to get more than 5 million more vials.

Anyone can get monkeypox. New York is reporting its first case in a minor, and last month, the CDC identified two infected children. Doctors say parents should not worry about their kids at school

According to the CDC, as of August 22, 107 confirmed cases of monkeypox were reported in Indiana and 138 confirmed cases were reported in Michigan. However, in Michiana, case numbers of monkeypox and the risk of contracting the virus are both low with no confirmed cases in our Michigan counties and in Indiana, one confirmed case in St. Joseph County and one in Elkhart County.

In St. Joseph County, in accordance with the Indiana Department Of Health, vaccines are limited to post-exposure for the prevention of monkeypox infection. Qualifying individuals are asked to contact the health department to set up an appointment.  

In Michigan, eligibility criteria include those who have been exposed to monkeypox and those at high risk, including men who have sex with other men and have a history of sexually transmitted infections within the last year, individuals with HIV or taking HIV Prep.

If you believe you have been in contact with someone with monkeypox, you're asked to contact your local health department for a vaccine.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, including a rash and flu-like symptoms, the CDC recommends that you avoid close, intimate contact with others until you have been checked out by a healthcare provider.

Click here to learn more about Indiana’s vaccine eligibility.

Click here to learn more about Michigan’s vaccine eligibility.

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