The Shed in Granger closes doors for good

NOW: The Shed in Granger closes doors for good


GRANGER, Ind. --- Michiana has seen many businesses announce their plans to expand and relocate in the New Year, however some businesses had to make the hard decision to close their doors. Sunday night was the night for customers of The Shed to come enjoy dinner here one last time, as they officially shut their doors for good on January 16th, and many are sad to see the Michiana staple shut down.

“When we leave tonight, that’s the end of an era, “ says Manager Cindy Moguelle.

After forty-four years in business, the steakhouse off of Adams Rd. in Granger will be closing its doors for good, and fans of their award-winning entrees could not believe the news of its closing.

“It can’t be true,” says Maureen Marrese and Dwight Davis, long-time regulars of The Shed. “We come here for the ribs; they have the best Jack Daniels ribs in town, and it’s always kind of a go-to.”

Loyal customers flooded the parking lot Sunday from 3:00 to 8:00 in order to get a bite to eat at their favorite place, one last time.

“I thought today was going to be closed,” says Maureen Marrese. “But we drove by, we were headed to a different restaurant and we swung around in the parking lot. We said, “Oh, let’s have one more, one more!”

The restaurant had to shut down due to inflation and supply chain issues, but it came at a time when the owners were also ready to retire. Manager Cindy Moguelle has worked at The Shed for about thirty years and says the thing she will miss the most are the customers.

“We have a great clientel,” says Cindy Moguelle. “A lot of regular customers that I’ll miss.”

During its final day of business, staff and customers say they have a multitude of memories and great times to look back on while being at The Shed.

“It’s been good, it’s been fun. And we’ll see you somewhere else I guess,” says Cindy Moguelle.

“Memories are good,” says Maureen Marrese. “We hold on to our memories, they keep us going.”

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