The Navarre Cabin will relocate to The History Museum

The oldest structure in St. Joseph County will now have a new home.

The historic Navarre Cabin is relocating to The History Museum after 120 years at Leeper Park.

The Navarre Cabin, built in the early 1820s by Pierre Navarre, the county's first pioneer settler, holds historical importance as his presence paved the way for the founding of South Bend.

In 1895, The History Museum acquired the cabin, rescuing it from demolition. It has been relocated several times for preservation and educational purposes, with its most recent move in 1954 to Leeper Park East.

The Navarre Cabin's slow and careful relocation will begin tomorrow from 9 to 11 a.m., starting at Leeper Park East. The one-mile route was approved by the city and designed by a professional contractor, ensuring a safe route.

Executive Director of The History Museum Brian Harding says this relocation has been a long time coming, taking over a decade to plan.

Harding says the museum's plan is to expand on it further by adding additional structures and immersive experiences, providing more opportunities for the community and children to engage. Additional structures like a trading post, a blacksmith shop and a wigwam will enhance the immersive experience of pioneer days, allowing people to transport themselves back 200 years in time.

With this move, Harding says he hopes this will help better teach the Michiana community about its history.

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