Supporting cancer leads to raffle winner walking away with brand new RV travel trailer

NOW: Supporting cancer leads to raffle winner walking away with brand new RV travel trailer

ELKHART, Ind. --- It was almost like throwing a winning lottery ticket away. Thankfully though, one lucky Berrien County woman finally responded, and picked up her brand new travel trailer Tuesday. 

"Well disbelief for one thing, so I bought the tickets I thought, well yeah that's a nice trailer, but I'll never win. I just wanted to support the Care Camps," said raffle winner Rose Wright. 

Wright is ending a crazy 2020 on a high note, by accepting her new trailer inside Tiara RV, which has excited the many RV reps who were in attendance. 

"I got to talk to Rose, and get everything ready so the day as come, and they're here to pick up their brand new coach, and we're excited to help out with that," said a sales representative for Tiara RV Tanner Livingston. 

Like most of us though, Wright thought it was too good to be true that she actually won, and when she got the call, she thought it was all just a prank. 

"I think I got a phone call, and the phone wasn't working right. I couldn't understand them, so I thought it was spam and deleted the message. Then it wasn't until I got a certified letter in the mail, that it caught my attention, and I said oh year I think I remember buying tickets, so I went and checked and yes, it was true," said Wright. 

She felt she had no chance of winning. 

Despite that, she bought five tickets to support Care Camps, that host children, with cancer who had their summer plans upended by the pandemic. A situation where Rose just wanted to help. 

"I thought that was such a good deal for them to be able to give them time, maybe away from their parents, cause it's such a hardship on both the kids and parents," said Wright. 

With such a tough year coming to a close, those in the RV industry are proud to end it by giving back to the community, with $44,000 in proceeds headed to Care Camp. 

"Being able to, especially in 2020, when there's just an aroma of negativity, it's really neat that we get to help someone, or at least help a company that is helping this great organization," said Livingston.

This new trailer additionally, will be perfect for traveling to seeing Wrights' newest grandchild, who was welcomed into the world, amid the pandemic.

"We've just become grandparents for the fifth time here a week ago, and we hadn't been able to go see the grandbaby yet, so this will give us a chance in the spring to take a trip, and not be so concerned maybe about Covid," said Wright.

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