Summer's Spotlight: Salad robot, snow fun, welcoming Sterling Skye to the world!

Summer’s Spotlight: Salad robot, snow fun, welcoming Sterling Skye to the world!

SOUTH BEND, IND.-- In trending news:

- 5-year-old, Rosie, is honoring her black heritage and some of the greats with her celebrity impersonations! So far Rosie has tackled Cicely Tyson, Stacey Abrams, Tina Turner, and most recently Whoopi Goldberg. In each video on Instagram--you can see Rosie dressed just like the celebs and then she shares fun facts and history on each icon.

- Door Dash just acquired a company who makes robots...who make salads...and her name is Sally?! Yes, it sounds crazy but actually this is the latest technology from Chowbiotics--who focus' on robotics relating to food. Currently there are over 350 Sally's chopping romaine all across the country.

- 25-year-old, Sasha Calle, is the latest character being added to the DC Universe family. She will appear as Supergirl in the 2022 Flash movie starring Barry Allen. Calle heard the news over zoom from the director himself over the weekend.

- Disney Plus broke the internet on Friday after the release of Wandavision's latest episode. This is Marvel's first attempt at franchising their comics/movies in a TV show format. Twitter has spoken---people are loving the show so far! If you are wanting to watch--episode 8 comes out this Saturday at 3 a.m.

-Easter CANDY is here! Skittles already pushing out their latest marketing for the bunny with a unique twist to help make this an egg hunt your kids will never forget. This year Skittles is debuting their camouflage packages in their "Impossible Egg Hunt" packs. Mimicking green grass, tree bark, even your tile floors--these packs are sure to make the Lenten penances worth it.

-The Kansas City Chiefs are welcoming a new member to the team--25-year-old, Patrick Mahomes and his soon-to-be-bride, Brittney Matthews, welcomed their first daughter on Saturday. At 6 lbs 11 oz little Sterling Skye Mahomes was welcomed in by her entire family. Lots of love being shared online with a sweet picture on both mom and dad's Instagram's.

- How are you enjoying the snow? Snow man? Snow angels? Forts maybe? People all over the country are finding unique ways to welcome the snow in while always pushing the limits.

- Who doesn't appreciate way-mo time in your day to do what ever you want! For some that's the perfect time to fit in a work out. If spinning classes are your thing, Peloton has something to say about it! Or actually something to say about the words "spin" and "spinning" being trademarked for the past 20 years! Madd Dogg Atheltics has owned the trademarked terms for the past two decades--causing issues for everyone's favorite spinners. Last year, Madd Dogg asked Peloton to remove a youtube video that referenced the term "spin". Peloton, it its petition to the US Patent and Trademark Office, argues spin and spinning are generic fitness terms and should not be trademarked anymore. Peloton is pushing their pedals to the metal to try and get this all sorted out --hopefully the spin giant can stay spinning for years to come.

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