Stevensville doctor eyes Rep. Upton’s congressional seat

NOW: Stevensville doctor eyes Rep. Upton’s congressional seat


STEVENSVILLE, Mich. — Sherry O’Donnell is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and has a practice in St. Joseph.

She’s lived in Stevensville for over 20 years and has been part of several disaster relief medical missions, including to New York City at the start of the pandemic. 

A catalyst, she realizes in hindsight, for her run for office. 

“As a physician, I listen to patients concerns everyday and it’s only after listening that I’m able to make a proper diagnoses and then together we come up with a treatment plan.”

O’Donnell made her campaign official Friday night at the Lincoln Township Park.

She shared her stance on some of the most pressing issues nationally, like her opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns, the Biden-Harris administration’s handling of immigration at the southern border and was critical of steep prices by pharmaceutical companies. 

O’Donnell also focused on the biggest issues in her home of Berrien County, including the water crisis in Benton Harbor – 

“I’ve been in contact with the state already getting a waiver so we can do on site testing for lead toxicity, our first lab will be next Friday.” 

As well as her perspective on the mask debate in K - 12 schools as a medical professional.  

“It is actually in a lot of ways hurting the immune system, they’re not wearing masks properly - they’re pulling them out of backpacks or back pockets – and the school is the only place we’re supposed to mask children?”  

O’Donnell said she’s isn’t happy with the direction the country’s moved in this past year and a half and believes she’d bring a fresh outlook, while holding true to her party’s core.  

“The conservatives need to rise and get our nation back to following the constitution and the edict that We The People are self-governing, we should be mandating what impacts our lives.” 

Congressman Fred Upton currently holds the 6th District congressional seat. 

He has not yet announced if he’ll run for his 19th term. 

In addition to O’Donnell, State Rep. Steve Carra announced in September he’ll also run for the seat and was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. 

ABC57 reached out to both Upton and Carra’s teams for comment but has not heard back. 

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