Garvin Roberson found deceased, Silver Alert cancelled

NOW: Garvin Roberson found deceased, Silver Alert cancelled


ELKHART, Ind. - Garvin Roberson, brother of Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson, has died after investigators found him inside his vehicle, which was submerged in water, according to the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office.

Michigan State Police troopers found his 2022 Honda CRV in the area of Fawn River Road and White School Road, near Sturgis.

The vehicle was submerged in water when it was found.

Roberson was found deceased inside the vehicle, according to the sheriff's office.

Michigan State Police has now taken over the investigation.

Mayor Roberson released the following statement:

“We are devastated to learn that my brother Garvin has passed away as we have remained hopeful for his safe return over the past week. His family and fiancé Deb are appreciative of your prayers and support during this time. We have felt the love of this entire community.

To all law enforcement professionals, we express our gratitude for your dedication and professionalism as you have worked to find Garvin.

Please continue to pray for our family, for Garvin and for the lives he touched. We would like to thank you for respecting our privacy at this time as we grieve.” - Mayor Rod Roberson & Family

Customer Service Manager from Cobblestone Martin's Supermarket, Alize Furlow said: "He would come in mainly for the lottery tickets. He would get a little stack of them. You'd see him hangout while he was scratching them off, see if won anything, and then he'd go up to the office and buy a couple more. My dad, he grew up in Elkhart also, he went to Central High School. Garvin was a coach back then and a mentor to my dad. So, my family is taking it a little hard too. Yeah. We all loved him."

Elkhart County Resident, Marc Stahl also said: "First of all, I'm very sorry for the family, especially this time of year. I'm feeling very sorry for the mayor, losing his brother. It's a tragic situation that probably didn't need to happen. It makes you wonder what happened. Did he wander off? Or did he get lost? Was he confused? I don't know."

The Statewide Silver Alert for Roberson has been cancelled.

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