Saint Joseph County 4H Fair is back in town, rainy opening day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Friday marks the opening day for the St. Joe County 4H Fair! The 97th annual county fair is back in town; it's a great time for family fun with rides, entertainment, games, and of course, the food. The fair kicked off with a few showers, cancelling the opening parade and delaying the opening ceremony, but people still came out despite the rain, to enjoy the fair. Rain or shine, fans of the fair were excited to be back, and for some, their first time back since the pandemic.

“I’m super excited, I haven’t been since before Covid so to be able to come out tonight, rain or shine, it’s just awesome to be here," says Kelly Charlton, an excited fair attendee.

“Well, this is their first time because of Covid, so they’re having a ball! First ride, success," says a fair goer, Joni Frame, about her two young grandchildren. "We’re having a blast!" says their mother, Kari Frame.

There is truly fun for all ages at the fair; from the rides, the games, seeing the animals, and who can forget the delicious fair food?

“I came out for this pineapple dole whip, it is amazing, it’s their signature frozen treat here and I love it," says Charlton.

“We’re gonna go on rides, we’re gonna have fair food, woohoo!" says William Lefever with his granddaughter Harper Wilson. "And caramel apples, and we’re gonna get prizes!

If you can't fit all of the fun in one day, there are eight more days to come back and enjoy every aspect of the fair!

“I might come back for more pineapple for sure!” Charlton says.

“We might come back one more time this week to see the animals," says Frame.

“I love this place!” shouts Wilson.

St. Joe County 4H Fair website.

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