Royalton Township will vote on marijuana dispensaries in November

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- The citizens of Royalton Township in Southwest Michigan will have the opportunity to vote on allowing up to three marijuana dispensaries within township limits.

Earlier this week, supporters of the proposed ordinance turned in roughly 150 signatures in efforts to get the issue on the General Election ballot on Nov. 5. 

According to Royalton Township Clerk Rachel Bernard,132 signatures were required, and 133 of the 150 or so signatures turned in were deemed valid.

"The majority of the rejected signatures were from people not registered in Royalton Township," Bernard said.

If the ordinance were to pass, it would allow for no more than three growers, processors, microbusiness, and retailers. 

It would allow for "zero secure transporters, safety compliance facilities, consumption establishments, temporary marijuana events, or any other type of marijuana establishment not expressly mentioned in this ordinance."

According to United States Census data from 2022, Royalton Township has a population of 5,141 with an estimated 2,084 being over the age of 50. 

The General Election is Nov. 7. 

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