Round Barn packaging new beer using South Bend Cubs cans

NOW: Round Barn packaging new beer using South Bend Cubs cans

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—The South Bend Cubs have teamed up with a local winery and distillery to create something special for fans coming to town for the All-Star Game on June 18.

The Cubs are working with Round Barn to bring Crooked Catcher, a self-titled ale, to the masses at Four Winds Field.

“We’ve been working with the South Bend Cubs for probably about five years now,” said Round Barn owner Matthew Moersch.

Moersch knew that the All-Star Game was a golden opportunity both companies to capitalize on Michiana’s love for beer and baseball.

“We’re both in the tourist industry and know what these customers are looking for. So we approached the Cubs and told them ‘hey, we would really love to do a private label for you,’” Moersch said. “We think this is a real home run so to speak.”

The new brew, released in 2019, has been hitting a high note with fans since its debut.

“We threw some designs at them and they fell in love with the beer that we wanted to put in it and it kind of morphed in to this new product for the South Bend Cubs,” Moersch said.

Fans can find Crooked Catcher at the Round Barn stand at Four Winds Field.

“For them to have the All-Star Game and some of these concerts, it was really a nice local connection for both of us,” Moersch said.

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