Roseland officials investigating reports about quarantine facility

NOW: Roseland officials investigating reports about quarantine facility

Roseland Police and officials are investigating reports some of the COVID-19 quarantined individuals at the Motel 6 have been breaking isolation.

The city of South Bend has been leasing the Motel 6 as a safe place for people who don't have anywhere else to self isolate. The quarantine facility is for those who are awaiting COVID-19 test results or have tested positive, but are not exhibiting symptoms.

The attorney for the town of Roseland spoke with the town president and released the following statement:

“Roseland town officials have received reports that apparently quarantined individuals have come and gone from the City of South Bend’s quarantine facility. The reports are worrying to the Town particularly as they come just days after the City of South Bend agreed to make changes to the quarantine facility. Leaving the quarantine facility defeats the purpose of the quarantine facility, which is meant to be a place for unsheltered individuals to isolate and recuperate. Roseland town officials will closely monitor the situation and respond proactively as they have for the past several weeks.”

South Bend Mayor James Mueller's spokesman released the following statement:

"The City is proud of its efforts to address this regional public health need during a global pandemic. We have worked tirelessly with Roseland to address as many of their concerns as possible and will continue to do so. The City of South Bend has not been contacted by the Roseland Police Department or Town of Roseland about this report, and learned about it from the media.”

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